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Unique reading models are being implemented in many schools in Da Nang to cultivate children’s love for reading, promote a reading culture, and gradually instill reading habits in students.

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Illustrative image. Photo:

Luong The Vinh Primary School, located in Son Tra District, has developed the reading model “Behind your success lies the shadow of your parents” by creating an open group on Facebook, managed by the principal, deputy principal and Infomatics teachers .

The model attracts hundreds of active students to participate, read books and share experiences through video recordings. During reading time, parents or students record videos themselves and post them in the group to spread the reading culture throughout the school. The school encourages students to upload two videos per week to the group, documenting the process of reading a story or poem for everyone to watch.

To date, more than 1,700 posts have been uploaded, far exceeding the school target of two posts per student per week. To encourage students and their parents to join, Facebook group administrators summarize monthly activities and reward active participants with books. This reading model not only helps them realize the importance of reading culture, but also provides opportunities for weak or slow readers to explore and develop related skills that serve their learning, such as spelling, expressive reading, storytelling, and especially reading comprehension and literary appreciation.

As Ms. Vo Thi My Thu, principal of Luong The Vinh Elementary School shares, with this reading model, students limit the use of phones and TVs. Instead, they spend their free time looking for books to read. A promising sign is that students are gradually embracing the reading model with passion and reading for pleasure rather than participating in a confrontational manner.

In addition to the traditional library with nearly 13,000 books, Nui Thanh Primary School in Hai Chau District has developed an ‘e-library’ model that allows students to search and read books online.

The school’s e-library regularly updates new books to meet the needs of the students. Accordingly, students are provided with IDs and passwords to access the e-library and read books on their phones or tablets anywhere.

Also, the “Green Library in the Schoolyard” model has been developed and expanded by Ly Tu Trong Primary School in Hai Chau District to proactively bring books closer to students, making it the easiest and most comfortable for them to read.

The school places book shelves in the school yard where students can choose their favorite books or stories to read. Library staff rotate books and stories weekly to provide students with more reading options. In addition to investing in books from the state budget, the school also calls for the support of parents in donating books to diversify and enrich the bookshelves to meet the reading needs of students.

Ms Ho Thi Thanh Tam, Vice Principal of Ly Tu Trong Primary School, said the school and families work together regularly to encourage and cultivate reading habits in students from an early age. Accordingly, many activities are regularly organized to give them the opportunity to access books in different forms, such as storytelling competitions, and creative conclusion of stories through drawings, which allow students to unleash their creativity and develop different skills to develop.

Reporting by KIM KHANH-Translation by T.VY