Call for action as concerns grow over crime in Wicklow’s Tinakilly Park

Wicklow East Sinn Féin candidate Abbie O’Loughlin with John Brady TD at Tinakilly Park.

Increasing reports of crime on a growing estate outside Wicklow city have led to a call for action from local resident and election candidate Abbie O’Loughlin.

The area of ​​concern is Tinakilly Park in Rathnew, where a spate of attempted car break-ins have occurred. With Garda numbers in Wicklow having fallen by 14% between 2019 and 2023, while the population has increased by 9%, Abbie has raised concerns that this is a direct result of there being little to no visible Garda presence , due to staff shortages.

The Sinn Féin candidate said: “There is significant concern in Tinakilly Park and the wider Rathnew area around a spate of attempted car break-ins there. It is claimed the burglaries are being carried out by gangs of teenagers traveling to the island from Dublin. Which a visible Garda presence would help deter.

‘The reality is that Wicklow’s population has increased significantly in recent years. The last census indicated a population growth of 9%, which has demonstrably increased in the meantime.

“This population growth has led to huge housing developments in Rathnew and other areas, and local resources such as Lake Garda have not kept pace with this development.

“We now have a new Wicklow Taoiseach, who as Justice Secretary has done nothing to reverse the decline in Garda numbers in Wicklow. He must now stand up and deliver for areas like Tinakilly Park and the wider Rathnew area.”

Abbie’s colleague, Wicklow Sinn Féin TD John Brady, has previously spoken out on the issue of Garda numbers and was quick to endorse Abbie’s concerns.

“I challenged Simon Harris over his failure to tackle the issue of Garda numbers in Wicklow, but my protests fell on deaf ears,” he said. “I would like to join my colleagues Abbie O’Loughlin and Anthony Hill in calling on Taoiseach Simon Harris to stand up for Wicklow and deliver on the issue of community safety for Tinakilly Park and Rathnew.”